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Cailen a posted Apr 26, 12
Welcome to Revo.

We are a close group of gamers who have been together for 6 years now. We've played games  such as: RF Online, Cabal, 2Moons, Rift, Battle of Immortals, Rohan Online, Aion, SWTOR, WOW and currently Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

We are a PVP focused guild who aim to be on top and to be recognized by everyone on the server. We play as one and we fight as one. Nobody is left behind and when one of our own is killed we all come and defend our guild. If you aren't that person then you might not be what we are looking for.

If you are interested in joining please connect to our Ventrilo server and get yourself known, you can use the Join button under the Ventrilo Status module

-- Cailen
CailenThis shit is Hilarious [link]
Clueless Gamer Big Game Showdown: "Mortal Kombat X" - CONAN ...
CONAN Highlight: Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski join Cona...
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CailenThought this was a interesting read, WOW is king but didn't expect Star Wars to make 165 million a year!
Four MMOs make $100 million annually, with The Old Republic ...
In the world of MMOs, it's World of Warcraft in first place and everyone else a very distant second, or third, though an analysis by the research firm SuperData turns up some inter...
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CailenThis is fkn Hilarious!
More montages ► Click Here T...
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CailenCabal 2 is close!

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Cailen2 more days!
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Should be no vent issues, what's up bull?
Been playing ArchAge for the time being, and waiting for Lineage Eternal, been playing the alpha on tablet for now
I just tried vent and i got no problem
and btw is vent fucked up?
damn nyc long time no see bro .. and whats good kime.. big wiz..
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