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Cailen a posted Apr 26, 12
Welcome to Revo.

We are a close group of gamers who have been together for 6 years now. We've played games  such as: RF Online, Cabal, 2Moons, Rift, Battle of Immortals, Rohan Online, Aion, SWTOR, WOW and currently Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

We are a PVP focused guild who aim to be on top and to be recognized by everyone on the server. We play as one and we fight as one. Nobody is left behind and when one of our own is killed we all come and defend our guild. If you aren't that person then you might not be what we are looking for.

If you are interested in joining please connect to our Ventrilo server and get yourself known, you can use the Join button under the Ventrilo Status module

-- Cailen
Fire4Effect I've been busy with working the night shift. On my off time I play an RF pserver. Pretty sure you guys are done with RF ...
Bruce a I just started a new job myself, plus I am in school and shit. So I am pretty packed up myself, I cant wait until I act ...
Kimesato Agree with Aptemn, I am really only waiting for Arche Age, is the only game I can see PvP wise very damm good, hella eve ...
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KimesatoOnly game I am waiting like crazy
Albion Online
Albion Online is the first true cross-platform sandbox MMO. All items and buildings are player-crafted. Create your own guild and conquer the Albion World.
XaR   I'm going to try everquest next and see how that goes.
Kimesato   Got to Agree, EQNext is the shit, but Albion is like full sandbox multiplatform, no lvling, and lots of pvp.
CailenAnybody play Titanfall?

Titanfall: Official Angel City Gameplay Trailer
Experience Titanfall's fast-paced, vertical combat with this...
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XaR   To me its like a Cod clone just with mechs, but there's is going to be a beta for pc in Feb sometime. So i'll check it out.
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CailenFFXIV has free login weekend this week for anyone who already owns an account.
KimesatoHappy New Year Revo Fam, hope youall had a great time and enjoyed with friends and family ;)
KimesatoMerry Christmass Everyone, and sorry for the late buyaka xD
CailenSWTOR space pvp released today.
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We went Aldmeri Dominion on the North American server (they do megaservers rather than small ones) I can flip you the vent info if you like
yea man i think i might buy it what server/faction you playing on?
if you do get ESO give me a shout a guild going with some peeps i knew from RF (bell side though)
You heard ESO was bad....horseshit. i'm in it and i kinda like it. Naturally there's some bugs here and there but that's normal for pretty much any game at launch. pvp is gonna be huuuuge!
I heard ESO is bad, Wildstar comes out June an d pre-order get access to beta's happening now.
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